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The Geo-Economic and Geostrategic Dimensions of Great Power Competition in the 21st Century Summer Training Course

Aug. 12–16, 2019

Applications are now closed. 

Great power strategic competition has returned to the global stage and the consequences for international peace, stability, and prosperity will be profound. What are the geo-economic and geostrategic contours, dynamics, and characteristics of this new rivalry? Who are the main contestants and what are the main areas of competition?

The University of California San Diego will hold a five-day training workshop in August 2019 to explore the origins, nature, external and domestic sources, and long-term prospects and implications of this competition.

Leading academic experts from the fields of international political economy, strategic studies, international relations, regional studies, political science, technology and innovation studies, economics, and business studies will offer wide-ranging and multi-faceted perspectives.

Course Content

Topics covered will include:

  • great power competition and cooperation in economics, technology, and defense;
  • economic strategic rivalry;
  • international dynamics and domestic politics of great power security competition; and
  • regional design and production networks.

How to Apply

Applications are now closed.

Application for graduate students 

The costs for this program are covered by the UC lab fees program grant. This includes course materials, lodging, meals, and ground transportation. Travel for UC students will be covered (up to $600). Travel reimbursement for non-UC students will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Application for professionals

Early stage professionals are also welcome to apply. The course fee for professionals includes materials, campus lodging, parking if requested, and on-campus meals. You may also choose to find your own lodging off campus.

The fee is $3,000 for on-campus and $2,000 for off-campus. 

For more information, contact Marie Thiveos Stewart or sign up for the IGCC Campus Email Alert.