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Great Powers Summer Training 2019 Readings

with links to selected materials

All readings are required unless noted otherwise. 

Links are provided as a courtesy. Your access to resources will vary, depending on your academic institution's library policies and subscriptions. Items without links are not available online. Links to books and book chapters are to publishers if the book is not available for free.

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Aug. 12: Great Power Competition in the 21st Century

The Nature and Dynamics of Great Power Competition in the 21st Century: Geo-Economic and Geo-Strategic Factors and Frameworks of Analysis (Tai Ming Cheung)


The Nature and Dynamics of Great Power Competition: The Security Dimension (Brad Roberts)

China’s Emergence as a Great Power (Tai Ming Cheung)

Russia’s Emergence as a Strategic Competitor (Jeff Edmonds)

  • Readings forthcoming

Aug. 13: International Dynamics and Domestic Politics of Great Power Security Competition

The Global Implications of Great Power Competition (Tom Mahnken)

Studying Leaders and Parties (Andrew Bertoli)

Great Power Electoral Interventions (Dov Levin)

Analysis of International Policy Networks (Natalia Lamberova)

  • Readings forthcoming

Approaches to the Study of Diplomacy (Robert Trager)

Aug. 14: Economic Strategic Rivalry

The Evolution of the Multilateral Global Trading System (Vinod Aggarwal)

The Rise of Regionalism and Mega-FTAs (John Ravenhill)

The Pursuit of Industrial Policy (Stephan Haggard)

  • Readings forthcoming

Green Industrial Policy and Global Constraints (Min Gyo Koo)

Aug. 15: Design and Production Networks (DPNs) and East Asian Security

The Role of Design and Production Networks (DPNs) in East Asia’s International Relations (Etel Solingen and Uras Demir)

DPNs and Economic Interdependence in the Asia-Pacific: “Economic Upgrading through GVCs: the Case of East Asia” (Daria Taglioni)

U.S. and East Asia’s commitment to DPNs: "Why are East Asian governments committed to DPNs/GVCs" (Gary Gereffi)

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Future of DPNs: Geopolitical Implications “US-China Trade War: Implications for Japan’s GVCs” (Hongyong Zhang)