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Global and Planetary Health

In a world with more permeable and fluid borders, global health concerns remain primary. There are many direct overlaps between environmental and health concerns. For example, tropical infectious diseases are spreading both geographically and into additional seasons as a byproduct of climate change. Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to exposure to airborne particulates, which are still on the rise in developing countries.

The emerging field of planetary health is an extension of these concerns. Pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Lancet, planetary health is “a multi-disciplinary approach that brings together human and ecosystem science, public health, economics, and policy with the aim to safeguard the health of future generations.” There may be large economic returns to protecting planetary health. The design of future health and climate interventions and their economic impacts will need to be assessed in light of the available scientific evidence.


Global Health

The UC San Diego Global Health Institute (GHI) aims to coordinate existing global health research and training efforts across the campus, and to generate new collaborations and educational programs to meet health challenges of global importance.

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Planetary Health

The Rockefeller Foundation Economic Council on Planetary Health “is mandated to explore the economic link between human health and well-being and the earth’s natural systems on which health depends.”

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