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Research Projects

IGCC Research Director Eli Berman and his partners are conducting a broad program of theoretical, empirical, and field research studying conflict (terrorism, insurgency) and governance, in a developing country context. They seek to address two core questions: First, how does development reduce political violence, it at all? Second, how can development programs be designed to succeed in environments where projects and people are at risk of violent capture?

Research has been conducted in key locations around the world including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Northern Ireland, the Philippines, and the Palestinian Territories. Team members have developed and tested theories in pursuit of the building blocks of an integrated theory of political violence, governance, and development. That integrated theory addresses, for example, the problem of achieving development and security goals working through a local ally with divergent interests.

The program is multidisciplinary, bringing together economists, political scientists, military, and development practitioners. The program trains and supports young researchers in the rapidly growing research fields of political and economic development in conflict and post-conflict environments.

Berman and his team are part of the Empirical Studies of Conflict project, which supports research on development, insurgency, civil war, and other politically motivated violence around the world.