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Outreach Beyond the University

IGCC uses its publications program to disseminate research results and policy recommendations to a diverse audience, both academic and non-academic. Reports, policy and research briefs, and occasional papers provide the latest findings from IGCC conferences and activities.

Books that have come out of research funded by IGCC have been published by major university presses, and IGCC researchers routinely publish in peer-reviewed journals. IGCC newsletters and research briefs are distributed electronically. 

IGCC has also provided dissertation research support to more than 450 UC students over the years. See a list of their completed dissertations.

Research materials published by IGCC are available for download through the California Digital Library’s eScholarship portal. The portal also contains a selection of historical documents.


A sampling of the latest publications from IGCC's research programs and IGCC affiliated scholars.

Affiliated researcher's names are in bold.
Former IGCC dissertation or PPNT fellows are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Joshua Graff Zivin, Solomon Hsiang, Matthew Neidell
Temperature and Human Capital in the Short- and Long-Run
Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists 5, no. 1 (2018): 77–105

Global Nuclear Order
Sara Kutschesfahani*
Routledge, 2018

Jonathan Lehne, Jacob Shapiro, Oliver Vanden Eynde
Building Connections: Political Corruption and Road Construction in India
Journal of Development Economics 131 (March 2018): 62–78

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