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NEACD Study Projects

Northeast Asia Maritime Safety Cooperation

Maritime activities are perhaps the most international of all the world's great industries—and one of the most dangerous. The maritime environment in Northeast Asia and the Western Pacific poses some unique challenges as commercial and military activities in the regional waters increase. Internal and international coordination of maritime agencies and navies has become more complicated, and national disputes over territorial claims and legitimate activities in economic enterprise zones attract intense media attention and public interest in the countries concerned. These factors contribute to a maritime environment in which accidents are more likely to occur and are more difficult to manage. In recognition of these rising concerns, IGCC created the Northeast Asia Maritime Safety Cooperation Project to explore the issues. 

Meeting One
September 24–25, 2012
Dalian, China
In cooperation with the China Institute of International Studies (CIIS) and the Liaoning People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs

Representatives from Japan, the DPRK, the ROK, China, and the United States met to open a dialogue on topics such as overall maritime safety in Northeast Asia; international maritime communications protocols; coordination among the civil maritime agencies, navies, and other organizations within each represented country; best practices for information sharing to promote maritime safety; and existing cooperative regional and global maritime forums. Participants focused on identifying opportunities to improve the safety environment, strengthen cooperation, and turn ideas into action, including the creation of working groups and ideas for future activities.

Session Overviews

Meeting Two
July 16–17, 2013
Beijing, China
Organized by IGCC and CIIS

The new Chinese Coast Guard was created in March 2013 by the merger of four civilian maritime agencies and housed under the State Oceanic Administration of the Ministry of Land and Resources. The primary objective of the July dialogue was to learn about this new organization and help shape it in a constructive direction through discussions with U.S. Coast Guard professionals.


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