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Joseph F. Pilat

Joseph Pilat is senior advisor in the National Security Office, Office of the Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he provides policy support to the laboratory director, senior leadership and division programs, administering and conducting analyses for the Laboratory, DOE/NNSA, and other US government agencies, particularly in the areas of arms control, nonproliferation, counterproliferation, and counterterrorism. Pilat is also a Global Fellow in International Security Studies at the Wilson Center in Washington, DC, and a member of the Proliferation Resistance and Physical Protection Working Group, Gen IV International Forum. He is the editor of Atoms for Peace: A Future After 50 Years? (Woodrow Wilson Press with Johns Hopkins University Press, 2007). He holds a PhD in history from Georgetown University. 

  • nuclear weapons
  • nonproliferation
  • arms control and disarmament
  • terrorism
  • counterterrorism
  • international security

Steering Committee member, current

Speaker, Public Policy and Nuclear Threats Training Program