IGCC Research Directors


  • Tai Ming Cheung

    Tai Ming Cheung

    Tai Ming Cheung is the director of IGCC and the leader of IGCC’s project "The Evolving Relationship Between Technology and National Security in China: Innovation, Defense Transformation, and China’s Place in the Global Technology Order," which examines China's ambitious plan to catch up to and surpass its global rivals by developing its indigenous innovation capabilities. 

Research Directors

  • Eli Berman

    Eli Berman

    Eli Berman is IGCC Research Director for International Security Studies. He leads a broad program of theoretical, empirical, and field research studying terrorism, insurgency, governance, and development to understand how economic and political development might help stabilize a conflict or post-conflict zone.

  • Joshua Graff Zivin

    Joshua Graff Zivin

    Josh Graff Zivin is IGCC Research Director for International Environmental and Health Studies. Current projects focus on quantifying the effects of enviromental changes on human capital development. His work brings to light some of the tensions between environmental and economic priorities, with an emphasis on global-level policy considerations.