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Geopolitics, Supply Chains, and International Relations in East Asia

news_geopolitics-book.jpegGlobal supply chains connect the world in unprecedented and intricate ways—but what role do they play in interstate conflict and cooperation? Geopolitics, Supply Chains, and International Relations in East Asia, an edited volume supported in part by IGCC through the University of California Office of the President Laboratory Fees Research Program, dissects the sources and effects of contemporary disruptions of these networks. Edited by distinguished professor and IGCC affiliated researcher Etel Solingen of UC Irvine, the volume sheds light on whether a highly interdependent “Factory Asia” and Asia-Pacific can withstand geopolitical, geo-economic, and pandemic threats.

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  1. Introduction: Geopolitical Shocks and Global Supply Chains | Etel Solingen

Part I - Global Supply Chains, Geopolitics, and Trade Wars

  1. Global Value Chains and the U.S.-China Trade War | Yuqing Xing
  2. The U.S.-China Trade War: Implications for Japan’s Global Value Chains | Hongyong Zhang
  3. Constructing a Chinese AI Global Supply Chain in the Shadow of “Great Power Competition” | Victor Shih
  4. Competition and Collaboration among East Asian Firms in the Smartphone Supply Chains | Momoko Kawakami
  5. Hidden Economic Costs of Geopolitical Disputes for Supply Chains in East Asia | Kristen Aanstoos
  6. Global Supply Chains and Great Power Competition in Africa | Prince Paa-Kwesi Heto

Part II: Domestic Political, Economic, and Social Dimensions of Global Supply Chains

  1. Are Global Supply Chains Vital to China’s Leaders? | Nazim Uras Demir and Etel Solingen
  2. Firms Fight Back: Production Networks and Corporate Opposition to the China Trade War | Jieun Lee and Iain Osgood
  3. Understanding and Contesting Global Supply Chains in an Era of Inequality | Erin Lockwood
  4. Why Escalate? Cognitive Theory and Global Supply Chains in Northeast Asia | Phoebe W. Moon
  5. The Role of Chinese Workers in Supply Chain Campaigns | Marissa Brookes

Part III: Postscript On COVID-19

  1. On COVID-19, Global Supply Chains, and Geopolitics | Etel Solingen