Training Course on Chinese Security, Technology, and Innovation

April 30–May 3, 2018

Washington, DC

The Training Course on Chinese Security, Technology, and Innovation examines the relationship between national security, defense modernization, technological innovation, and China’s rise as a world power.

Of central interest is how China is mobilizing and applying its economic, political, strategic, corporate, financial, intellectual, and scientific capabilities in conjunction with leveraging external resources to achieve its grand ambition of catching up technologically with the world’s advanced military powers.

The course runs from April 30 to May 2, followed by a one-day workshop on Comparative Defense Innovation.

This course is part of the Study of Innovation and Technology in China (SITC), an IGCC initiative on understanding China’s emerging science and technology capabilities.

Agenda and Course Content

Preliminary agenda (subject to change)

The course incorporates the most recent developments in China’s defense science, technology, and innovation domain, including:

  • Post-2016 organizational reforms of the Chinese military high command and the implications for the acquisition system
  • New initiatives to promote civil-military integration
  • Xi Jinping’s grand vision for China’s transformation into a world-class military and innovative power over the next few decades.

The May 3 workshop examines how countries have become, or are seeking to become, advanced defense technological and industrial powers.

The workshop seeks to identify activities, patterns, processes, structures, and other sources that will help to develop a generalizable analytical framework to provide nuanced and robust indicators as to why, how, and when catch-up countries embark on developing indigenous or joint defense technological and industrial capabilities.

Countries to be examined include the United States, China, Israel, Russia, and North Korea.

How to Apply

For more information, contact Marie Thiveos Stewart.