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Bethany Goldblum

Dr. Bethany Goldblum is a staff scientist in the Nuclear Science Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and an associate research engineer in the Department of Nuclear Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. As Executive Director of the Nuclear Science and Security Consortium, she provides strategic direction for an effort bringing together seven universities and five U.S. DOE National Laboratories to train the next generation of nuclear security experts. Her research focuses on low-energy nuclear physics, neutron detection, and artificial intelligence for nuclear security applications. Goldblum leads the Bay Area Neutron Group, a research team focused on applied neutron physics for nuclear security applications, and founded and directs the Nuclear Policy Working Group, an interdisciplinary team of scholars developing policy solutions to strengthen global nuclear security. She has been involved with the Public Policy and Nuclear Threats Boot Camp nearly since its inception, and acted as director of the program since 2014. She is author or co-author of more than 80 publications on nuclear science and policy issues and recipient of the 2020 Corones Award in Leadership, Community Building and Communication. Goldblum received a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

Recent Publications

Interview with PPNT director Bethany Goldblum
July 9, 2021 | Lindsay Morgan interviews Bethany Goldblum
This month, IGCC will host its 17th annual Public Policy and Nuclear Threats (PPNT) boot camp, our training program on the historical, legal, technical and policy aspects of nuclear weapons. In this interview, PPNT director Bethany Goldblum talks about how the program has evolved over the past two decades, and highlights for this year, including speakers like John Scott, Rose Gottemoeller, Laura Rockwood, and Rolf Mowatt-Larssen. Bethany also reflects on whether the world is getting more or less dangerous, and how scientists can participate in ensuring that the technologies they help develop are used for peaceful purposes.

Recommendations for the Next U.S. Administration
Nov. 3, 2020 | IGCC Experts Weigh In
The task of creating a new vision—and practical strategy—for protecting and strengthening America, is urgent. Here IGCC experts Peter Cowhey, Michael Davidson, Bethany Goldblum, Steven Helfand, Jeannette Money, George Rutherford, and Susan Shirk chart a path for the next U.S. administration on trade policy; climate change; nuclear weapons; global development and aid; migration; COVID-19; and China.

  • fundamental nuclear physics for nuclear security applications
  • nuclear-plasma interactions
  • scintillator characterization
  • nuclear energy and weapons policy

Director of education, Nuclear Science and Security Consortium (2012‒)

Program director, Public Policy and Nuclear Threats (2014‒)

Alumnus, Public Policy and Nuclear Threats