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The 2015 PPNT Summer Boot Camp

The summer workshop-in-residence at UC San Diego, known as the PPNT boot camp, aims to give participants the knowledge and analytic tools to contribute to the debate on future U.S. nuclear policy.

The boot camp features lectures, discussions, debates, policy simulations, and on-site visits to nuclear facilities. Participants attend talks by distinguished researchers, academics, policy officials, and operational specialists from the University of California system and other leading universities, the Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and federal government agencies dealing with nuclear policy, threat, detection, and safeguard issues.

Topics typically include:

  • Past and future of civilian nuclear power
  • Attribution science and nuclear forensics
  • Deterrence theory
  • Counterproliferation strategies
  • U.S. nuclear policy
  • Nuclear terrorism
  • Technical and policy issues in the U.S. nuclear stockpile
  • Safeguards systems, technologies and issues
  • Nuclear weapon design and delivery systems
  • Major power nuclear strategies and doctrines
  • The demand for nuclear proliferation
  • U.S. National Nuclear Strategy
  • The international nonproliferation regime
  • Nuclear proliferation concerns on the Korean Peninsula, Iran, and the Middle East
  • U.S. deterrence policy

  • For more information, contact igcc-cp@ucsd.edu