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Summer Training Workshop on Governance, Development, and Political Violence

The challenges posed by insurgencies and the threat of terrorism require a new generation of academic and professional leaders who embrace a multidisciplinary, cross-boundary approach. In particular, these future leaders will need to develop approaches that combine security provisions (by U.S. forces and allies), economic development, and political development. The University of California Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation (IGCC) provides a five-day multidisciplinary training workshop to equip young researchers and practitioners with the theoretical tools, background, data, and contacts to conduct fresh research on the political economy of terrorism and insurgency.

Lecturers include leading scholars of governance, development, political violence and insurgency drawn from the University of California system, other U.S. and international universities, think tanks, government agencies, and the military.

This course is part of Development and Conflict Research (DACOR), an exciting IGCC initiative focused on developing an integrated theory of economic and political development in conflict and post-conflict settings.

Course Content

Topics to be covered include:

  •  Economic Development and Political Violence
  • Post-Conflict Governance and Sustainable Peace
  • Measuring Stability
  • Case Research and Data Collection in Conflict Areas
  • Methods Overview and Problems with Non-Experimental Research
  • Quasi-Experiments
  • Conflict Dynamics and Micro-level Data
  • Bias Reduction in Survey Design
  • Interviewing Former Combatants
  • Theories of Non-State Political Violence
  • Theories of Counterinsurgency
  • Theories of Recruitment and Support
  • Theories of State Building

Past Workshops

 For more information about the workshop or the DACOR program, please contact Katherine Levy.