The SITC Database

Researchers have designed, implemented, and are populating a relational database to aid in the analysis of the structure and evolution of China's national defense science and technology innovation system. 
Data have been collected on relevant attributes of entities such as organizations, corporations, universities, individuals, awards, projects and products, and publications. There are multiple relations among these entities. This representation motivates a novel conceptualization and formalization of China's (or any country's) national innovation system as a “thick network”―a collection of polyadic relations among entities of multiple types.
Researchers have collected information from open source publications and a third-party database on more than 1,600 S&T organizations, 12,000 Chinese corporations, 4,240 individuals, 400 major S&T projects, 290 S&T conferences, 210 publications, and 610 universities. A user interface has been built and structured in a user-friendly manner that is still rich in its presentation of data.

The next phase of the project will be to enhance the functionality of the interface in accordance with user requests and ready the database for public access.

Project Lead

David Meyer