China’s Technological Development and Implications for U.S., European, and International Technology Trade Policies

The blurring of the lines between civilian and military technologies poses difficult questions about how the United States, Europe, and other countries should conduct trade with countries that in the future could become adversaries.
This challenge has been one of the main reasons for countries to set up national and international export control measures covering not only strategic equipment but also many civilian technologies.
China’s technological development and its emergence as a very important trade partner for Europe, the United States and others—both as a market for technology as well as the source for high-tech consumer products—comes at the same time when many are concerned about the direction of Chinese foreign policy.

Research Agenda

  1. Challenges of high-technology trade and investment with China and the potential to contribute to its technological development
  2. Examination of China’s high-technology trade with the United States and Asia, especially export controls, telecommunications, and standards policies
  3. Investigation of Europe’s high-technology trade with China, especially the establishment of EU-wide export controls
  4. Study of China–Taiwan technology transactions

Project Leads

Barry Naughton
Peter Cowhey
Bates Gill
Dieter Ernst