DACOR Training Workshop

The goal of IGCC's Governance, Development, and Political Violence summer workshops was to introduce young researchers and practitioners to the theoretical tools, practical skills, background, data, and contacts they need to carry out fresh research on the political economy of terrorism and insurgency.

Workshop participants included PhD students, junior faculty, and practitioners from the U.S. military and USAID. Lectures were given by leading researchers in multiple disciplines, and included both soldier/scholars with experience in COIN/CT and practitioner/scholars with experience in Stability, Security, Transition, and Reconstruction (SSTR) operations.

The course was offered as part of the larger IGCC Development and Conflict Research (DACOR) program led by IGCC Research Director Eli Berman.

Course Content

Topics included:

  • Theoretical basis for conflict studies: political violence, statebuilding, substate conflict, organizations
  • Civil wars
  • Counterinsurgency tactics
  • Security and development
  • Survey instrument design
  • Working with data from conflict zones
  • Designing field experiments and conducting research in conflict zones

Past Workshops

Development and Conflict Research