White Papers

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White papers from the Northeast Asian countries covered in the index were reviewed and scored to develop the rankings for the 2013–14 DTI.

To initially develop the categories and variables used in this indicator, in 2011 we examined the white papers of the Northeast Asian countries covered in the index along with half a dozen other major Western and non-Western states to determine best practices. These other countries were Brazil, India, Italy, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Eighty-seven categories of information were identified and used as benchmarks of white paper transparency. The categories range from descriptions of military command, the latest views on the security environment, to the organization of military personnel.

Links to Defense White Papers

United States

Quadrennial Defense Review, March 2014
National Security Strategy, May 2010

National Defense Strategy, June 2008


Defense of Japan 2014
Defense of Japan 2013 (provisional translation)
Defense of Japan 2012

Defense of Japan 2011
Defense of Japan 2010
Defense of Japan 2009
Defense of Japan 2008

Republic of Korea

Defense White Paper 2012
Defense White Paper 2010

Defense White Paper 2008
Defense White Paper 2006
Participatory Government Defense Policy 2003

Russian Federation

The Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation 2010

People's Republic of China

The Diversified Employment of China's Armed Forces, April 2013
China's National Defense in 2010

China's National Defense in 2008
China's National Defense in 2006
China's National Defense in 2004
China's National Defense in 2002
China's National Defense in 2000