IGCC Programs

In keeping with its mission, IGCC carries out programs dedicated to service and outreach to the community as well as facilitating dialogue on security issues.

Track II Programs in Northeast Asia

IGCC has provided ongoing leadership for preventive diplomacy and dialogue in the world’s most troubled regions through its Track II programs. Track II, or unofficial diplomacy, offers a venue for officials and academics to express their views and enhance mutual understanding in an informal atmosphere. Officials participate in their personal capacity, not as representatives of their governments.

Service to California and the Nation

The transformed international security landscape has meant a broadening interest in interactions among a wide variety of actors and institutions―including international and regional organizations, state and local government agencies, nonprofits, and the private sector―and their roles in shaping security. Catastrophic events pose a particular set of domestic security challenges that can spill into the international arena.

In this vein, IGCC worked to raise public awareness about earthquake risks and how to be better prepared, through its Totally Unprepared program.

Past IGCC projects on Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resiliencey and the California Public Officials Initiative focused on both manmade and natural disasters. CPOI trained public officials on how to communicate effectively with multiple audiences, including first responders and constituents, during an emergency. CIPR looked at how to protect and strengthen vital systems such as power grids before a disaster so that they can bounce back quickly in the aftermath.