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Cheung, Tai Ming, Editor
The Chinese Defense Economy Takes Off

Sector-By-Sector Assessments and the Role of Military End-Users

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Volume: 3, Pages: 90

IGCC, 2013

2012 was a banner year for the Chinese defense economy as it produced a series of headline-grabbing technological accomplishments. Highlights ranged from the commencement of aircraft carrier operations that included deck landings of fighter aircraft to manned space dockings. In a welcome departure from the country's obsessive secrecy in military affairs, many of these developments were publicized officially or unofficially. Taken together, these advancements are a powerful statement of intent and confidence by China's techno-nationalist- minded leadership of the country's long-awaited coming of age as a world-class defense and strategic technological power.

This collection of fifteen policy briefs explores how China has made such impressive military technological progress over the past few years, what is in store, and what are the international security implications. The briefs are summaries of a series of longer research papers presented at the third annual Chinese defense economy conference held by the Study of Innovation and Technology in China in July 2012. The conference brought together many of the world's leading analysts of the Chinese defense economy, including representation from China, Russia, and Taiwan.

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