David Meyer

David Meyer
  • 858.534.5273
  • 7256 Applied Physics and Mathematics Building
    University of California, San Diego
    Mail Code: 0112
    La Jolla , California 92093-0112

David Meyer is professor of mathematics and the George W. and Carol A. Lattimer Campus Professor at UC San Diego. He works on a wide range of topics in mathematics and physics, including discrete models for quantum gravity, knot theory, and the foundations of quantum mechanics. His recent research has focused on quantum information processing, a subject into which he introduced the ideas of quantum lattice gas automata and quantum games, and on topological data analysis, specifically of partially ordered data and in connection with wavelet analysis of scaling dimensions. As part of IGCC’s SITC project, he is designing relational databases to organize qualitative data on China's science and technology development system, and developing statistical methods to analyze the data.

Meyer received his BA and MA in mathematics from the Johns Hopkins University and his PhD in mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has held visiting and postdoctoral positions in the mathematics and physics departments at Syracuse University, the physics department at Duke University, and the physics department at UC San Diego before joining the Department of Mathematics.

Mathematical physics, quantum information processing, topological data analysis, network analysis

Investigator, Quantifying Structural Transformation in China

Project lead, Study of Innovation and Technology in China