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Cooperation with the National Laboratories

IGCC has a long history of collaboration with the Lawrence Livermore (LLNL) and Los Alamos (LANL) National Laboratories, formerly managed by the University of California. Laboratory scientists and engineers draw on the expertise of UC social scientists to provide insight into the international, institutional, behavioral, and historical context for their own technical studies. IGCC benefits from the science and technical expertise of its lab partners, particularly in the areas of nuclear security and biological threats.

Representatives from LANL and LLNL sit on the IGCC Steering Committee, and lab personnel have played roles in IGCC’s regional cooperation dialogues, training programs, and conferences. They are integral to several highly successful IGCC programs, contributing to proposal development and planning for both Public Policy and Nuclear Threats and Public Policy and Biological Threats.

The connection with Public Policy and Nuclear Threats is especially strong. Many of IGCC’s PPNT Fellows were interns at LLNL or LANL during their years of graduate study. Lab personnel have advised in the planning of the PPNT winter conference since its inception, and LLNL has hosted several IGCC meetings on nuclear policy issues.

IGCC serves as a channel for the labs to access the social science expertise on the campuses and to present policy-related research in Washington, D.C. through IGCC’s office at the UC Washington Center. Faculty and students conducting cutting-edge  social science research on nuclear nonproliferation, terrorism, regional security, international security institutions, climate change and security, international health risks, and other topics related to national security are supported through a faculty-reviewed competitive grant process and brought together to learn from and share their expertise with their peers both from the campuses and the labs.